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Can the foam box be damaged?

Yes, the box should not be exposed to heat or moisture.This may cause the box to become unusable.

What should I do if I receive a damaged parcel?

If possible, notify the forwarder that the packaging is damaged when you sign the package. You can then open the packaging and see if the Foam box appears to be damaged. If this is the case, please contact Feet ID's customer service at hello@myfeetid.com

What to consider while the box is being used?

The foot must be be dry, in order to prevent the surface to be damaged and not able for our 3D scanner to read. Using of the box is described in detail under the page "How it Works"

What materials is the insole made of and does it contain any harmful substances?

Polyester, EVA, PET, Poron and carbon microfiber. The insole does not contain any substances harmful for humans, animals or nature.

What materials is the Foam box made of and does it contain any harmful substances?

Impression foam. The insole does not contain any substances harmful for humans, animals or nature.

How do I know my size on FEET iD insoles?

Check the size on your favourite pair of shoes. You can often find a lable on the inside of the shoe. If you are inbetween sizes it’s best to choose a size up.

How long does it take to receive a pair of insoles?

From the moment we receive your footprint it takes about one week until your receive your insoles to your door.

Do I need to order a FEET iD box every time I want a new pair of insoles?

No. If you’ve already created your footprint and are happy with your insoles you can order more insoles with your measurements simply by logging in to your account. As a returning customer you will receive faster deliveries and lower prices than your first purchase.

Is FEET iD products comparable to orthopedic insoles?

Our insoles are developed using advanced materials to ensure support and stability. Through 3D scanning your individual foot prints our orthopedic technicians are able to match the insoles to the shape of your feet. Here are some of the injuries our insoles can help relieve or prevent: - Inflammations - Pain in your hips, feet or lower back - Mortons toe - Hallux valgus - Tendinitis If you are in need of larger corrections we encourage you to visit a clinic or medical facility.

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